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spectro::lyser™ with ruck::sack as the ideal solution for Krycklan research project in Sweden


Presently there is an increasing interest in the role of flux and transformations of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in inland waters. These fluxes are crucial components in the landscape carbon budgets and the DOC quality is tightly linked with a large number of elements such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), metal cations, trace elements, and environmental pollutants. The research group working within the Krycklan Catchment Study in northern Sweden is among the leaders in this currently very active research field.

The s::can Solution

Moving over to s::can spectro::lyser in the Krycklan research program not only allows to make very accurate and precise carbon budgets, it also provides researchers with high resolution assessments of the variability in the DOC quality. Presently most other field research infrastructures worldwide are insufficient in scope to properly assess the role of all components of inland waters in the face of climate change.

One of the monitoring sites in the Krycklan Catchment. A spectro::lyser in combination with a ruck::sack for automatic cleaning is used to monitor the water.

The Krycklan catchment study

The 30 year research program in the Krycklan catchment study includes 18 monitored streams ranging in size from 0.1 to 68 km2 and a 150 meter flux tower that allow accounting for multiple spatial and temporal scales of all carbon sources and sinks that are essential to consider. By acquiring another set of s::scan instruments they will further strengthen the world-leading Krycklan research infrastructure to allow for a more in-depth focus on lake, stream and river ecosystems and their role(s) in the landscape.
Furthermore, through this investment to fundamental research, it is also possible to provide a harmonized and long-term measurement program which yields consistent and comparable data that capture ongoing changes across spatial and temporal scales.

This experimental facility is openly accessible for any interested user and allows studies on topics ranging from fundamental principles in aquatic ecosystem ecology, practical management tools to minimize water quality perturbation, to the long-term responses in streams and lakes in the face of environmental change.

Click here to download the complete success story:

s::can and Aaxis win data supply contract for Indian Clean Ganga Project

Due to fast population growth, migration and industrialization, the pollution of the Ganges river has become a major issue for India and one of the biggest environmental challenges on earth. The Ganges river is a holy river and a goddess according to Hindu religion, and it is a major concern for every Hindu to reanimate and keep it alive. To clean the river is not only a big technical challenge, but also of enormous cultural and spiritual importance.

Therefore, the “National Mission for Clean Ganga” was born in 2011 by the Indian government supported by religious leaders, to fight the pollution and try to revive the river and its surroundings. The World Bank is supporting the “National Ganga River Basin Project”, which includes the construction of waste water collection systems and treatment plants to reduce the discharge of waste water with a total amount of $1 billion.

On April 7th, a 5 years water quality data supply contract was appointed to s::can by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the government authority in charge. The 36 monitoring stations will be designed, installed and operated by s::can Messtechnik GmbH in close co-operation with our local partner, AaxisNano. The measuring stations will continuously send real time water quality data to the Central Pollution Control Board in New Delhi. The collected information will strengthen the regulation and oversight of the river’s pollution load by helping planners better understand the origins of pollution, as well as to assess the impact of treatment on the water’s quality.

Since 2013, 13 s::can online monitoring stations have already proven to deliver valid data from the Ganges river and tributaries, and, also due to our partner Aaxis’ great efforts, are close to 100% operational, extremely reliable, and tolerant to the extreme environmental conditions in India.

Existing Monitoring stations in Kannauj, Wazirabad and Patna

The new contract is only a first phase of an even larger program to acquire reliable water quality data along the Ganges, and other Indian rivers, and will be a global reference.

First of all, s::can is proud to be part of this big national effort, and will contribute to the cleaning of the Ganges with know-how, technology, heart and soul.

But this project is also an important step to further strengthen s::can’s position as the market leader in India, and global technology leader in online water quality monitoring. s::cans’ patented core method, online UV-Vis-spectrometry, has become a standard by law in India – for manifold reasons, but finally the match-winning criteria was the perfect combination of reliability, accuracy, and affordability.

s::can is further expanding and strengthens its US sales Team

After the opening of a new subsidiary in Spain, s::can continues its strategic expansion and is strengthening its global market presence. s::can Measuring Systems, LLC. has appointed two new engineers to the US sales team to launch its next phase of growth in US markets.

Ali Trollier, who has over 12 years experience in the field of water and waste water, and Bryan Viitala with more than 8 years experience, both have industry knowledge that is essential to continue the impressive growth in water and wastewater markets and provide technical and application assistance. Brendt Thompson, Managing Director of s::can Measuring Systems, LLC comments: “Ali and Bryan are both proven professionals with strong technical and sales backgrounds. This increase in the US sales force is an opportunity for us to empower and support our existing sales channels, and grow our market share.”

“We have an opportunity to be at the forefront of a rapidly changing level of expectations for water and wastewater monitoring and treatment. Recent sensor technology makes understanding the composition of your water much easier and more affordable. This is the future of water quality monitoring and I am excited to be part of it.” so Ali Trollier.

Regarding his new role, Bryan Viitala commented: “I am pleased to join the s::can team to help promote s::can products in the US marketplace. The water and wastewater treatment industry is rapidly facing more stringent regulations along with security concerns. Online instrumentation and monitoring plays a big role in process monitoring and making operational decisions. I feel as though s::can is uniquely positioned to grow in these markets and I am proud to be part of that growth.”

Vitens is setting up a smart water grid with s::can

Vitens is the largest drinking water utility in the Netherlands. The company is currently installing a large-scale smart drinking water mains network in the province of Friesland. More than 2200 km’s of distribution network serving over 200.000 households in the Dutch province are currently fitted with 200 sensors that will measure the demand and quality of the drinking water in real time.

Eight s::can nano::stations have been installed at key locations of the network. Every nano::station monitors the following parameters:
• Turbidity
• Color
• UV254
• Conductivity
• pH

A nano::station consists of a terminal for data and station management, and up to four sensors. For Vitens every nano::station was equipped with an i::scan, a pH::lyser and a condu::lyser. Data is transferred via 3G to the central Office in Leuwarden.

“To us, this is a real game changer”, Lieve Declercq, Chairwoman of the Vitens executive board, explains, “we use the best and most innovative technology in order to create tomorrow’s drinking water network. This enables us to proactively solve problems before anyone experiences any problems in the drinking water supply. Ultimately, we aim to be a water company that provides its customers with better service and information.”

The Vitens initiative is part of the SmartWater4Europe project, which comprises 21 entities - water utility companies, technology companies and universities. The project has a budget of over 10 million EUR and is led by three of the main water sector companies in Europe: ACCIONA Agua (Spain), Vitens (Netherlands) and Thames Water (UK), together with the University of Lille (France).

Smart Water for Europe - Film

India is monitoring industrial discharges from in real time

The Indian Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued directions for 17 highly polluting industries such as Pulp & Paper plants, Tanneries or Oil Refineries in order to increase the water quality of the river Ganga and its tributaries.

All of these industries that have been discharging effluent directly or indirectly into the river Ganga are required to install online effluent quality and common emission monitoring systems to help track the discharges of pollutants from these units. Measurement results have to be transmitted to CPCB on continuous basis. The parameters that must be monitored include pH, COD, BOD, TSS and other sector specific parameters.
UV Vis spectrometry has been approved by the Indian authorities as a reliable method for testing BOD and COD. It is suitable for complex and fluctuating matrices.

Banthar Unnao Tannery

At the wastewater treatment plant of a leather tannery in Banthar Unnao, India a s::can system has been installed to monitor influent and effluent by our partner Aaxis Nano Technologies.

A spectro::lyser™ along with a pH::lyser and a con::cube terminal are ideally suited to fulfill the requirements specified in the CPCB guideline.

Because of its complex matrix the wastewater of the tanner´s mill cannot be monitored online by simple spectrophotometer probes which measure only single wave lengths. Information about the complete spectrum is needed for reliable online monitoring. As the graph below shows, the measurements of the spectro::lyser show a good fit to the reference data from the laboratory.

s::can Iberia - s::can opens Subsidiary in Spain

With the new office, s::can is strengthening its presence in the home market Europe, and is in total operating 5 offices around the world.

“With the new subsidiary we, of course, want to accelerate our growth” said DI Andreas Weingartner, “but in addition to increasing our product sales, we can serve our customers faster, by duplicating the excellent service quality s::can is known for, and provide faster response to help operating our products at close to 100% up-time”.

s::can Iberia will spread its support activities to Portugal, Italy and South of France, in order to become the reference point of support for the South-West of Europe, and might extend to Central and South America in the near future. s::can Iberia will entertain substantial stock as well as testing facilities and a show room in the new office in the trendy Barcelona district of Poble Nou, with enough space to grow with increasing challenges.

Dr. Jordi Raich-Montiu, already working at s::can for two years, was appointed as managing director for the Barcelona based subsidiary. He holds a PhD in Environmental Chemistry, several scientific publications and has actively participated in European research projects and networks.
s::can Iberia will therefore be involved in research projects dealing with membrane fouling, disinfection by products and water reuse. To that aim, s::can Iberia will be collaborating with National Research Centers and Institutions.

Roger Peris, the support engineer, has already proven his excellent technical and language skills during the last year in complex and demanding projects world wide.

Ester Tejedor has more than 20 years of experience as Administrative and Planning Assistant and has joined recently to further strengthen office, marketing and logistics.

s::can Plant Holidays 2015

Dear s::can Partners and Customers!

In order to re-fill our energy tanks, the s::can Vienna office will be closed from July 27th to August 7th, 2015. Please note that during this time period, inquiries via e-mail, fax or mail will not be processed in the regular way. However, an emergency line will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on working days. We will accept parcels until 2:00 p.m. but we cannot deliver parcels. In urgent cases the operator can forward your call to a member of our sales or support team.

From August 10th 2015 we are at your disposal again!

We wish you a wonderful summer-time!

Best regards,
Your s::can Team

Water Quality Monitoring Stations - New Brochure

With its monitoring stations s::can offers out of the box solutions for many different drinking water applications: From standard turbidity and color measurements to monitoring a complex set of parameters with advanced event detection.

The new stations brochure provides an overview of the available versions and their advantages.

Choose the station and parameter combination that fits best your needs!

By buying a complete station instead of all parts separately, you save up to 35 % of the list price. You receive a complete package without any need for time consuming configuration.

s::can is now member of the Smart Water Networks Forum

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), is a worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. SWAN brings industry leaders together to create and accelerate awareness and effective use of smart data systems for water networks. s::can joined the network in April 2015.

As a member of SWAN s::can will be at the forefront of changes and evolution in the water market and have the opportunity to define the future of Smart Water Networks.


Best Sales Partner 2014 - Aaxis Nano Technologies

We are very happy to announce that the title "Best s::can Sales Partner 2014" goes to our Partner Aaxis Nano Technologies from India! With this award we want to show our appreciation of the great work that the team from Aaxis did over the last year.

Aaxis Nano Technologies and s::can have developed a solar powered real time water contamination monitoring system for environmental applications among many other applications. The s::can technology has an extremely high applicability in India, considering the current Governments’ focus on environment and initiatives such as Clean Ganges.

Congratulations to Aaxis Nano Technologies and continue the great work in 2015!

s::can is now certified ISO 14001 : 2009

We are really proud to announce that we have just become a certified TÜV SÜD ISO 14001 company.

What is ISO 14001?
The ISO 14001 certification concretely demonstrates the company´s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of processes, products and services and the reliability of the Environmental Management System applied. The standard requires that the company has written commitments by defining environmental objectives and targets and implement an Environmental Management System that allows to reach them.

What does that mean for you - our customers and partners?
At s::can we care about the environment. Our products help to rivers and other water bodies around the world. But we also try to protect the environment during our daily work. This includes for example:
We are packaging our products with recycled paper and are using recycled paper a instead of expandable polystyrene (EPS) as filling material.
We separate waste at every work place and ensure correct disposal.
Our employees are encouraged to use their bike or public transport for commuting.
Business trips are planned in a way to minimize emissions and energy usage.

ISO 14001 : 2009 certificate

Christmas Charity

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

Since already 5 years we are supporting a project for improving the sanitary conditions on schools in Kenia instead of sending out christmas presents to our customers.
We want to use this opportunity to give you a little overview about the project and what was done during the last year:

Implementation & Commissioning of Urine Diversion Dehydration Dry Toilets and water harvesting system at Mogotio Girls Secondary School-Kenya

Primary school enrolment in Kenya has risen to over 7.3 million from 5.9 million pupils in 2002. In 2008, free secondary education was also introduced raising significantly the number of students.
Schools are an important agent in promoting the realization of sustainable and hygienic sanitation. Furthermore the school going population is at higher risks of suffering from poor sanitation, in addition to loosing much of their learning time due to sanitation related complications.

Pupils are instructed on how the toilets work and how to use them

Urine Diversion Dehydration Dry Toilets (UDDT)
Compared to conventional latrines UDDTs offer the big advantage, that faeces are converted into a dry and odourless material. This leads to an odour and insect free toilet which is appreciated by users. Moreover the risk of water pollution is minimised and the faecal matter can be reused as fertilizers.

The UDDT facility at Mogotio Girls Secondary School is an initiative sponsored by s::can and implemented by the CLARA Project in Kenya through the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Egerton University Njoro Kenya. Mogotio Girls lies on the Nakuru Baringo road a few kilometres from Kabarak University. It is a girls only boarding school.

The facility implemented at the school is a 14 door UDDT sanitation facility complete with a girls urinal sytem, water harvesting facility, hand washing facility and a urine containment with an overflow pipe into the trees.

The s::can Team wishes you a peaceful and relaxed Christmas time and a happy new year!

Mebane treatment plant uses s::can equipment

See how the City of Mebane (N.C.) was able to improve plant process and meet nitrogen and phosphorus limits with increased instrumentation. As part of a pilot program, the plant installed a s::can probes for ammonia, pH, temperature and nitrate.

To view the video please click here

s::can presentations at ACS Meeting and Exposition

s::can was invited to present two oral communications in the 248th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition which took place in August in San Francisco. Within the Real Time Monitoring of Surface Waters for Nutrient and Water Supply Management Session, s::can presented an "Overview of cleaning techniques for optical sensors and their efficiency on water quality monitoring under real conditions" and also a project made in India, "Real Time Monitoring of Ganges River Basin during Kumbh Mela ceremony".

Abstract: Real time monitoring of Ganges River basin during Kumbh Mela ceremony

Abstract: Overview of cleaning techniques for optical sensors and their efficiency on water quality monitoring under real conditions

moni::tool for your smartphone!

With the new moni::app you can now access the data from con::cubes directly via your smartphone.

moni::app is an Android app for moni::tool. It gives you a quick overview of the current system state of your monitoring station and allows you to analyze historic data. The app is limited to displaying data, it is not possible to change any settings of moni::tool.

For more Information visit: monitool.at

This was IFAT 2014!

This year´s IFAT was a great scucces for s::can. With over 130 000 visitors IFAT is the world´s largest trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

Here are a few impressions from our booth:

We were happy to welcome visitors from all over the world during the five days of IFAT

The i::scan was one of the main featured products.

On Thursday we celebrated the kick-off of the cooperation between s::can, Hawle and SebaKMT.

s::can, Hawle and SebaKMT worked together to develop a simple solution for monitoring water quality directly in-pipe. With the Hawle fixture it is possible to mount the i::scan in pipes without switching off the water flow and SebaKMT delivers a data logger for remote data transfer.

After the official part of the s::can Partner Evening on Thursday we went to a typical Munich beer garden.

Delegation from Brazil at the s::can booth.

We like to thank all our visitors and we would love to see you again 2016 in Munich!

s::can participating in Smartwater4Europe Project

Last Monday April 7th, EU FP7 Smartwater4Europe Project got marked for distinction in the category of ‘Water Performance Initiative of the Year’ in the Global Water Award celebrated in Paris, one of major business
conference for the water industry worldwide.
The participation of s::can in EU FP7 Smartwater4Europe Project will allow s::can to install a large number of i::scan and nano::stations in three different demo sites such as the Vitens Innovation Playgroung in the Netherlands (Vitens), the city of Cáceres in Spain (ACCIONA-Agua) and the city of Lille in France (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille). Our equipment will be used to improve on-line monitoring and management of drinking water quality in the distribution network. For further information please contact our Project manager Jordi Raich (jraich@s-can.at) or visit www.smartwater4europe.com

Surface water monitoring: s::can technology installed in buoys

Many worldwide endusers have been installing s::can sensors into buoys for reservoir and lake monitoring. Due to the compact size and multiparameter capabilities, s::can systems are very well suitable for such applications.

The most compact version is multi::lyser (TSS, COD, NO3) and con::nect sending measurement results into a low cost third party datalogger (often already existing in the buoy), whereas many s::can customers have also managed to mount spectro::lyser, ammo::lyser, oxi::lyser, con::cube and the s::can compressor into such tiny footprints as well, fulfilling the demand of 100% remote control, automatic cleaning and data transfer of multiple buoy locations to a central server.

As well, all kinds of hydrology and metrology sensors can be integrated into the s::can system with the existing analogue, modbus and SDI12 con::cube inputs. Live stream visual data input through a camera is also possible with the new moni::tool V2.0.

See for yourself (Nanjing EPA, China):

Chemometry Workshop at s::can Vienna

In February s::can Vienna organized a one-day Workshop to deepen into the possibilities of chemometry to extract as much useful information as possible from UV-VIS spectrometry.
The group of people attending the Workshop was composed by relevant researchers on this field:

Dr. Romà Tauler - IDAEA CSIC; Dr. Stefan Platikanov - IDAEA CSIC; Dr. Leiv Rieger – inCTRL; Dr. Kris Villez – EAWAG; Dr. Alma Masic – EAWAG; Lluís Maria Bosch – ICRA; Dr.Guenter Gruber - TU Graz; Thomas Hofer - TU Graz; Dr. Reinhard Perfler – BOKU; Dr. Tobias Gauster – BOKU; Dr. Lukas Kornfeind – TU Vienna; Andreas Weingartner - s::can; Wolfgang Lettl – s::can; Florian Edthofer - s::can; Alice Zeissl - s::can and Dr. Jordi Raich-Montiu - s::can.

Each research group made a presentation during the morning that led to very interesting discussions; in the afternoon, participants were divided into different working groups according to their technical background and each group had to work on a questionnaire prepared by s::can. At the end of the day, the opinion of the different groups was shared and compared between all in order to look into the future on a common basis.

New General Manager for s::can France

Philippe Marinot is the new General Manager s::can France, located in Aix en Provence, South France. Philippe has 20 years of experience in the field of water quality control. He has managed many projects for analysis cabins all over the world during his past activity at Seres environment. Today he is happy to promote s::can in France.

His email is: pmarinot@s-can.fr & his phone number is: + 33 (0) 4 42 20 35 01

Interline awarded as "Best Sales Partner 2013"

We are very happy to announce that Interline Systems BV was awarded with the title "Best s::can Sales Partner 2013". With this award we want to show our appreciation of the fantastic work that the team from Interline did over the last year.

Congratulations to Interline and continue the great work in 2014!

Dr. Jordi Raich-Montiu joined s::can

Dr. Jordi Raich-Montiu started to work for s::can in December 2013. After his European PhD in Environmental Chemistry, he worked several years for CETaqua, the Water Technological and Research Center of the AGBAR Group (Suez Environnement) in the field of water quality (surface, drinking and waste water). Besides his scientific and management work, he has published scientific papers in different journals in the field of environmental chemistry and he has actively participated in several European research projects and networks.

Dr. Jordi Raich-Montiu joined s::can to be in charge of the business segment of drinking water quality and water security monitoring in the distribution network. He will also manage the FP7 European Project “Smartwater for Europe” among others and will also promote s::can’s activities in Spain.

His email is: jraich@s-can.at & his phone number is: +34-692 22 98 08

s::can Partner SCIENTACT won Environmental Award for river monitoring network

SCIENTACT s::can Partner in Greece won the " Silver Environmental Award 2014" for the design and installation of the innovative network monitoring the Struma river.

A network of 6 full equipped telemetry measuring stations was installed along the river, from the Greek Bulgarian Borders until Amfipolis.

The prices were awarded under the auspices of the Ministry of Development & Competitiveness and the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change and simultaneously had the support by the European Parliament, the Balkan Environmental Center and "DEPA".

Project Case Study

s::can congrats to this fantastic success!